Thursday, March 12, 2009

FeAtUrE aRtIsT

I thought that I would feature an artist that I know and love very much. I should, she is my mother!! You can see more of her work HERE and if you love to cook check out her blog HERE . I am so proud of her for getting back into doing her art.

Norma DeRemer, United States
Self tought artist having fun with the Gift God gave me. I started out very young by painting my first oil painting at the age of eight. I'm now 66 years old and getting back to my art work after all these years. I'm retired from working with Alzheimer residents in Nursing Homes for more then 27 years. Tought art to some of my residents and do pastel pictures of friends pets and children. Can't wait to get started and post my work for all to see. I have won several blue ribbons at State Fairs and sold many as soon as I showed them. Hope to comtinue my luck. I'm going to be a great grandma this March. It's a boy. I sign my work with GRUTZE. That was my maiden name and just before my Dad died I promised to keep the name going. I'm the only one left now and will keep the name going within my art work as long as I can. I also love to cook and have my own Blog. Check it out if you want some good recipes. Known as From Norma D's Kitchen To Yours. Enjoy!

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