Sunday, January 25, 2009

ChRiStMaS mOrNiNg

Finding all the treasures in the stocking.
Maddie and Dede enjoying those Whitmans chocolates!!!

Very carefully opening those presents!
The one thing that Maddie had wanted was a cross. She had become very interested in Mommies gold necklaces recently. I got her a 14k gold cross necklace. thought she was going to cry when she opened it. She said "Oh, Mommy it is so beautiful. For me? I do love this cross." It was such a sweet and touching moment. She hasn't let us take it off since the day we put it on.
She was SO excited to get her Thomas the Train set. She played with this the entire rest of the day. We have since been able to add to the set as we found a great deal at a second hand shop on two bags of add on tracks, buildings and other character cars.
The Christmas morning after effect!! I thought it was a very artsy picture!!

OuR tReE

It was FREEZING cold the day we went to pick out our tree. We decided to go with a live one so that it can be planted in the yard and lighted next year. I wish that you could see the 800 twinkle lights on here, it looks so pretty lit up. It was Maddie's request that we have "colored, flashy lights" so I had to go out and buy all new lights this year, all we had was white non - "flashy" lights!! Maddie was SO into making the Christmas decisions this year and it was fun to have her help.

ChRiStMaS eVe

YEAH!! A new Christmas dress from Nana!!

Christmas eve candlelight service at church.

CrAzY cAt

OK, I'm up now!!
This chair is oh, so comfortable!!

ReAdY fOr BeD

Clean, dressed and ready for bed? NOT!!


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