Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FrEe SaMpLeS dOn'T sTiNk

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

CvS sAvInGs WeEk Of 6/19

This weeks trip to CVS included getting a free razor, a free pack of razor blade refills, 3 free deodorants, 1 free Emerald almonds and I was actually PAID .82 to take the 2 tubes of Colgate toothpaste! The toothpaste was retail $3.19 on sale for $2.59. You get $2.00 in Extra-care Bucks with purchase plus I had a $1.00 off manufacturers coupon for each tube. With the purchase of two it resulted in CVS paying me .81.....another score!
If you are lucky enough to have the $1.00 manufacturers coupon for a bag of Hershey's Bliss you will gain $1.00 when buying a bag. They retail at $5.99, you get $5.99 in Extra-care Bucks and using your $1.00 will mean CVS pays you to buy a bag! Unfortunately the store I went to was already sold out!
Here is the breakdown of my trip:

Total retail - $162.11
Tax - $3.19
Minus Extra-care card saving - $63.49
Minus manufacturers coupons - $31.00
Total savings - $94.49
FinL cost to me - $70.70
Plus I received $4.00 Extra-care Bucks and a coupon for 30% off good for 3 days only, up to $99.00

Can you find a reason not to love CVS?

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CvS - mAy'S bIg ScOrE

This was my haul from CVS in May just before Maddie's graduation from kindergarten. The picture at the top are the items that I paid for at full retail (if you want to look at it that way). The second picture contains the items that I was able to score FREE. Plus I scored $9.00 in CVS Extra Bucks for my next visit. Here is the breakdown of this shopping trip -

Total retail price of all items purchased was $178.92.
Minus $58.00 using my CVS store card.
Minus $21.99 in manufacturers coupons.
Minus $12.00 in CVS Extra Bucks coupons from a previous visit.
Tax came to $3.49.
I paid out a total of $90.42 plus I received $9.00 in Extra Bucks for my next visit.

Total savings this trip - $91.99. I saved more than I actually paid!

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FrEe MuSiC dOwNlOaD - 7 sOnGs

Score a few free songs for your summer travels! Head on over to the Dave Matthews Band
DMB Caravan website to score your 7 free songs download code. Then follow these easy steps:

Open iTunes on your computer
Click on Store and then Home at the top left
Click on Redeem on the right hand side
Copy and paste the code into the Redeem Code box.
Your songs will start downloading!


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Friday, June 17, 2011

FrEe SaMpLe OfFeR

As a member of VocalPoint I'm passing along a free offer to my readers.

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No artificial sweeteners
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Conveniently pre-diluted with purified water
Available in 64 oz. multi-serve bottles or 6.75 oz. 8-pack juice boxes

You can spoil your kids with Mott's for Tots. Because it's not every day you find a tasty treat that kids love and moms love to give!

Simply go to www.vocalpoint.com/mottsfortots and sign up for your sample today!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

FrUiT rOlLuPs - DoN't BeLiEvE tHe HyPe

They seem innocent enough, made with real fruit. If you have kids chances are you've bought them or their counterparts, Fruit By The Foot or Fruit Snacks. You think "Hey, they're REAL fruit! Great snack alternative to candy." Well, I'm going to tell you that after yesterday's dental check up with Maddie, that these things are far from good for your children. In fact they are far worse than candy! Yes, they may be made from real fruit but they are very high in corn fructose. What does that mean? When your child eats these, they lay in the teeth longer causing they're precious baby teeth to decay at a faster rate. After discovering that my almost 6 year old needs almost $5000.00 worth of dental work done, these thing will never again be brought into our home.
Our dentist was wonderful in explaining all of these things to us. She gave us as much time as we needed to learn some valuable (but unfortunately a little too late) advise. Below are some of the things that she recommended.

~ Your children can never brush too much. In fact at young ages they should brush after everything they eat.

~ Change their snacking habits NOW. Doing so will last them well into adulthood.

~ Teach them to make healthy snack choices. Let them choose but present them with healthy alternatives.

~ Don't even bring the bad stuff into your home.

~ Be aware of what your children drink also. Soda, Kool-Aid, orange drinks and even some of the box juices are all high in cavity causing sugars.

Finally, she presented us with a list of healthy alternatives for Madison's snack times. I've listed a few for you below.

~ Flavored waters, (children may resist these at first but eventually they will prefer them).

~ Fresh fruits and veggies. Be creative. Strawberries with whipped cream for example. The dentist actually explained that although the whipped cream is sweet, it melts from the mouth quickly and doesn't stay stuck to the teeth for a long period of time.

~ Ice cream, frozen fruit pops, frozen yogurt. These all all good alternative as they too melt quickly and do not stay stuck to the teeth.

~ An occasional Hershey Kiss. She explained the occasional treat of chocolate can't hurt. It too melts and doesn't stay sitting on those precious baby teeth.

So from one mom to all you parents out there, take this advice to heart. You won't want to be in our situation, looking at $5000.00 in dental bills and no insurance to cover any of the costs!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A gIfT....fOr Me?

I heard Buster scratching at the door to be let in (yes, he begs to go out and come in just like a dog). When I went to the door this is what I got...a gift for me!

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I thought you might be interested in Vocalpoint.com. I've been a member for a while and really like some of the things they promote.    Vocalpoint provides some great benefits and it's all for free!   Here are some of the features:

Surprising product information
Great coupons/samples
Cool things to share with friends

Check it out I think you'll like it!


I wIn AgAiN

I went out to check the mail the other day and found an unmarked package stuff in our tiny mailbox. Upon opening I found this...

I've only recently started entering the Crafts 'n Things Win It! Contests online, never an a million years thinking I would actually win something. It was such a surprise since they didn't email me or anything, it just came in the mail. This was what I won....

This book has some pretty cool techniques in it that I may try sometime int he future.

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