Thursday, June 24, 2010


More pics with my phone camera in regular mode.

CoLlAgE pAiNtInG - LiNeAr DuO

I saw a collage technique in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors magazine that I just had to try. I took an 8x8 canvas and covered it in gesso in random brush strokes to leave a texture. After that dried I used a clear gel medium to apply a torn strip of decorative paper midway on the canvas. I then took a vintage tissue pattern, crumbled it and applied it to the canvas over the torn paper, again using gel medium. After it dried I repeated this process. I then applied the circles cut from decorative scrapbook papers and covered the entire canvas once again with gel medium. I allowed this to dry overnight.

Next I randomly dry brushed coordinating paints onto the canvas allowing the under layer to show through. I stamped a few colors using shelf liner for texture and dripped paint from a wet brush for the splatters. Then using a thin liner brush I outlined the circles with black paint and painted the stems and leaves. After drying, I used black and white Prisma colored pencils to loosely circle around the flowers. And this is the finished painting. The whole process really didn't take much time at all and I feel confident that I could do quite a few of these in different sizes and colors. I am quite happy with the outcome. Titled - Linear Duo

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TeN oN tUeSdAy

Ten things about this week:

1. I got rid of the junker car for $150.00, it was picked up today by Bob's Big Tow, LOL!
2. Two injections in my back at the rheumatologist, that sucked!
3. Twitter was acting whack, totally annoying!
4. Scored an antique ironing board at a yard sale for $8 - cha-ching!
5. Made an awesome stew in my new crock pot today - YUM!
6. Discovered a new ice cream spot in Lititz - Greco's!
7. Started a new collage painting and will hopefully finish it tomorrow.
8. Actually posted here on the blog, 4 posts in one night to be exact.
9. Getting my hair did for the first time in like forever this Friday!
10. And finally my baby girl will be 5 on Saturday!

How was your week?

{Echo} Week 16 - Meander

This photo is my entry for {Echo} Week 16 - Meander. The photo was  also taken with my phone using the FX Camera App and was unedited other than cropping. You can follow the {Echo} Challenge at Art by Christi  and Ilka's Attic or on the FlickR Group

{Echo} Week 15 - Rouge

This photo is my entry for {Echo} Week 15 - Rouge. The photo was taken with my phone using the FX Camera App. You can follow the {Echo} Challenge at Art by Christi  and Ilka's Attic or on the FlickR Group

NaTuRe StUdY

All of these pictures were taken using my phone camera with the FX Camera App and edited slightly in Picasa. I think for a phone cam they turned out really cool.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

SiNgLe BaBy

After a totally crappy night last night I needed this for a laugh. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PoSt HoLiDaY rEcOvErY GiVeAwAy

Head over to the blog of artist Marcia Furman's blog brain overflow - here ya go! for an awesome giveaway!!

{echo} Week 14 - Fauna

{echo} Week 14 - Fauna
Originally uploaded by JuSt DeEzArT

This is my entry for the Flickr Group {echo}. Be sure to visit Art By Chrysti and Illka's Attic for more photo collaborations.

WoRdLeSs WeDnEsDaY - GuMbY'S dEaD?

HaPpY BiRtHdAy To Me!

For My Birthday, Maddy and Jon decorated my birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to me. Later they took me supply shopping at AC Moore. We had a nice dinner of bbq'd ribs. It was a wonderful day!


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