Monday, March 31, 2008

rEcYcLe - 3 AtCs

I made these 3 ATC's by first taking old junk mail and making handmade paper. Once the paper was dried I ripped it into smaller pieces. A great item to recycle!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


GrOw - An AtC

This is my entry for the Spring Theme ATC lottery at Alteredesigns group. I stamped the image on acetate and painted the back side using shimmery powder pigments. I then glued it onto a shimmery paper lightly stamped with a leaf stamp using the same pigments instead of ink. Titled GROW.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


This was done on handmade paper using a stamped image, drawn figures, gold ink, beads and rafia.
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GiRl WiTh CaT


I did this by taking to exact copies of a drawing and cutting into 1" squares. I then went around each square with a gold ink. The first layer was glued down flat. The second layer was done by folding each square into a triangle, leaving the long side puffed up and then gluing down onto flat square in a rotating pattern.
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HeArT & hAnD


I did these two in 1995 using colored pencils and ink on the above and gouache and ink on the one below.
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HaNd & HeArT

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MiCkEy D

This is a drawing that I did in 1995 using ink and colored pencils.
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This painting was done with gouache, colored pencil and ink in 1995.
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oLd ScHoOl

This is a fashion sketch that I did in art school in 1981. WoW, this DOES look ancient!! Found in the dark recesses of my art portfolio. LOL
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I won two different Blog contests this month. First I won a bracelet on
UrbanDebris . Then I won some fabric and goodies on Art and Soul .

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Spring has sprung finally!! The first two flowers to open!!
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MaDiSoN's DrAwInG


She is getting to be sooo amazing!! Here is her drawing of a face. She trys to copy everything that she asks me to draw for her. She will be 3 in June and already the budding artisit. Maddie LOVES to draw and paint rather than just use coloring books. Brittany and Jessica were the same way and they art very artistic also.
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Soldered 2"x2" pendant is collaged with vintage photo, dragonfly and flower punchies with words "Sing your own song in your own special way". For sale on my Etsy shop.
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De StAsHiNg

I am getting rid of stuff I no longer use. You can purchase these on my Etsy shop!!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

cLaSsIc BeAuTy


I think the title says it all!!
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Silver bracelet with pink stone and ruby beads
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A vintage Scrabble tile charm. This was my first attempt at soldering.
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Another pin featuring a wire wrapped glass bead with a dangling handmade polymer clay bead and two more glass beads.
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ThRu ThE lOoKiNg GlAsS


Jon got this awesome shot by taking a picture of the back window on the van. OK so he was REALLY trying to get a picture of all the bird crap on the van!! Only because it was hilariously COVERED in crap, as though every bird in the county used it as a target!! It was WAY too embarrasing to drive it to town so we detoured to the car wash first.
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sPrInG cLeAn Up

We decided today's 62 degree weather was perfect for getting a start on cleaning up the flower beds. We worked for about an hour cleaning the beds and weeding the walkway. I need to get planning on what flowers I'd like to try this year. I'm sure it won't matter since everything I have gotten in the past have grown way over the size they are supposed to be. We have great soil in these beds. It will also be time to soon start on the veggie garden and OH do I already have that planned out!! It is bread & butter pickle time again this year since I am down to our very last jars and everyone is already asking if I am making them again. Maddie loves digging AND screaming "WORM" every time she unearths one!!
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She really doesn't mind being dirty!!
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

JoN sTaR

Jon's celebrity look-a-likes, FUNNY!! This site is cool.

TrEaSuRe HuNt


Visit Cookie Sunshines blog for this weeks treasure hunt. Click on Banner to the RIGHT here on my blog to go there. Have fun!!


Rose quartz and closonne' beaded earrings on gold toned ear wires.
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70's EnAmElEd ChArM pIn

This pin features an enameled charm from the 1970's. Also attached to the brass safety pin is a heart charm and glass beads to accent. All of my pieces are one of a kind using old, vintage and found/recovered jewelry parts. This venture is really exciting for me as I have put off doing my art for so many years.
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sHrInK pLaStIc PiN


Here is yet another of my shrink plastic pieces. The hair is copper wire with seed beads. She is holding a very tiny purse that was stamped on the shrink plastic and cut out.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

CoMiNg SoOn....On EtSy

I got a scanner, FINALLY!! WOOHOO...if you knew the story you'd understand my excitement. ANYWHOOOOO....I can now scan my jewelry that I have been making and put them up on my Etsy shop. I should have everything set up for an opening early next week. Here is a preview...this is a silver pin that I made. I made the face bead using shrink plastic and added it with a mix of silver & glass beads and a stamped silver charm.
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