Monday, September 22, 2008

OuT aNd AbOuT

After our time visiting with Thomas the Train we drove around the countryside around Strausburg, PA. We found a really cool hotel where you can actually spend the night in a real train Caboose. ALL of their rooms are train Cabooses, we are planning to go spend a night there when it is off season as the prices will be lower. ($165 per night right now, compared to $85 - $65 off season) Anyway, they also had a restaurant in a dining car, a model train in their gift shop and a petting zoo outside (see post below).

A sIlLy BiLlY...gOaT tHaT iS!!

The billy goat above was named Houdini, as they said that they cannot keep him contained anywhere. Here he is climbing on the fence to eat from the huge willow tree. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen and animal doing.

I aM pArTiCiPaTiNg CoNtInUeD

Where does the magic happen? Head over to The Altered Page to find out about the studio, room,corner, desk, table, floor, or wall where your favorite artist's (including me) make art and see photograph's that captures their creative space or works in progress.

OuR dAy WiTh ThOmAs ThE tRaIn

Waiting for Thomas to arrive...

Here he comes...

We get to ride in the first car right behind Thomas....Check out the woodwork in here, this car is over 100 years old.

After the ride we get to pose with Thomas...

Waiting for Thomas to leave for the day...

Goodbye Thomas...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

ArT ~ gIvEs YoU wInGs

They say RED BULL gives you wings...well let me tell you, I HATE Red Bull. Have you ever been stuck in a tight space with someone who is wearing WAY too much perfume or cologne? You know, so much that you can't BREATHE...AND you can actually TASTE it? Well, that taste is exactly what Red Bull tastes like to me. A taste that just won't go away. A taste that makes you want to go in to the bathroom and use one of those little plastic tongue scrappers for about a half an hour followed by a big swig of Listerine (as if it doesn't burn without the tongue scrapping).
OK, now you are asking yourself, "Dee, what does that have to do with anything?". Well, today I was thinking over some artsy ideas and for some reason I just thought "ART gives you wings"...which made me think of the ads for Red Bull...which made me cringe...thus the writing of this.
Really, what I was thinking about was how recently I have been getting more involved in actually DOING some art pieces. Actually MAKING art instead of WANTING to do some art. The actual process of hold materials in my hands and using my abilities to make something has somehow opened me up again. I started thinking about how for years I have been just like a caterpillar, crawling around aimlessly, curling up in my cocoon at times. When I try to break out of that cocoon I often find that I just don't have any wings, I am not flying. I am still that caterpillar crawling around aimlessly when it comes to doing artwork. But since I took the online Collage Workshop over at TheLatestTrendsInMixedMediaArts Yahoo group and have gone through the process of doing my own collage, I feel like I got my WINGS.

I can fly.
ART Gives You Wings!!
At least it does for me. I hope to keep flying for a while.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ShAdEs Of InSpIrAtIoN

MOSS GREEN was this weeks color for the Shades of Inspiration Flickr Group. Photos are courtesy of the group. Click the banner on my side bar to see more inspiring pictures.

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The Halloween Extravaganza starts TODAY over at DABBLED . Head over and watch for halloween goodness to come topped off by a Contest. Keep watching...

10 oN tUeSdAy

10 simple things that make you happy...

1. New art supplies.

2. Wearing my pajamas all day.

3. Maddie's giggle.

4. The words I Love You from my family.

5. Ice cubes in my drink.

6. Candles.

7. A sunny day.

8. The smell of lavender.

9. Blogging.

10. Knowing that God is with me.

WhErE dO oLd PhOnEs Go?

Is sleep calling or is it the sheep? This was sent to me in an email and instead of forwarding I thought I would share it here. Take a look at their feet (click on image for a larger view)!!

*NOTE: I am not sure where the photo came from or who the artist was. I would give proper credit to both if I had the information to share. I am in no way taking credit for either.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

ReCyClInG...wAiT aNd SeE

I found this huge collection of silverware and more in the metal scrap pile behind the barn. It was there intended to be taken to the scrap yard, I figured I'd recycle it myself as ART. There are LOTS of vintage ones in there. I am thinking of adding wire and beads......HMMM I'm actually NOT telling until I make something and post it so you'll just have to check back and find out what I am up to!!

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This is what happens when you don't check your lid BEFORE trying to shake the GESSO bottle!! AND not all of the Gesso came out of the jeans (at least they weren't a FAVORITE pair). So now I am thinking ALTERED JEANS? Opps Couture? HMMM.....Maybe more Gesso stamping, some beading.......I think I see another project for this week!!

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CoLlaGe WoRkShOp CoNtInUeD

I stamped the pear stamp on more pages from the 1969 Cookbook that I used for the first layer. I used Distress Ink in tea dye and then cut around the image. I am just not sure if this is looking too cluttered or if it is supposed to look that way. Maybe when I shade around the images and add embellishments that will change the look. On to that part...

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

cOlLaGe WoRkShOp CoNtInUeD

For step 4 I colored in the circles using the fluid chalk inks and a paint brush. I made some more solid than the others and left some of the white show through on the rest.

For step 5 I stamped on the pear stamp using a violet fluid chalk ink, first inking only a small part of the stamp and then the whole stamp. I like how it didn't stamp solidly in some places. Next I stamped a different pear stamp and a word stamp using gesso. I like how this step turned out but, oh NO...I didn't stop there. I added more stamping which I will post as soon as I take more pics. AND if Blogger will cooperate with me better this time. These pics took FOREVER to upload..Grrrr....

I aM pArTiCiPaTiNg CoNtInUeD

Go check out my answer to Seth's question for today: At least for today, your can't-live-without blog or website is... over at The Altered Page


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