Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WhErE dO oLd PhOnEs Go?

Is sleep calling or is it the sheep? This was sent to me in an email and instead of forwarding I thought I would share it here. Take a look at their feet (click on image for a larger view)!!

*NOTE: I am not sure where the photo came from or who the artist was. I would give proper credit to both if I had the information to share. I am in no way taking credit for either.

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Wendy said...

The artist is Jean-Luc Cornec, and that installation is in the Museum of Telecommunication in Frankfurt, Germany. Here's a link that shows a sliver of the sheep at the museum's (German) site:

I don't speak or read German... but here's a blurb from that site: "Jede Herde hat ihr schwarzes Schaf und auch die Telefonschafe im Museum für Kommunikation bilden da seit neustem keine Ausnahme: Es steht auf schwarz glänzenden Hörerfüßen, sein Körper ist von gekringelten Kabeln bedeckt und sein Telefonkopf schaut etwas schüchtern, aber dennoch trotzig in die Welt: Das schwarze Telefonschaf von Jean Luc Cornec. Sein neues Zuhause ist die Dauerausstellung im Untergeschoss des Museums." (from July 2002)

"Schaf" is "sheep" in German, that much I was able to look up with no trouble. I think the first line is something like "Every herd has its black sheep..."

Wendy said...

Here's the Babel Fish translation as it spit back to me:

Each herd does not have their black sheep and also the telephone sheep in the museum for communication to form there since newest an exception: Stands on black shining listener feet, its body is covered from gekringelten cables and its telephone head looks somewhat shyly, but nevertheless stubbornly into the world: The black telephone sheep of Jean Luc Cornec. Its new at home is the permanent exhibition in the basement of the museum.


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