Monday, June 30, 2008

2 PaRtIeS fOr PrInCeSs MaDiSoN

A Princess cake fit for the Princess Madison herself. Gampa made Maddie a cake for her birthday on Thursday June 26th. The BIG 3!! Blowing out the candles!!
And a big HORRAY!!
Second Party was held on Saturday. Madison's party requirement was that EVERYONE wear a party hat. Here is Miss Jane and Miss Joanie....some people had WAYYYY to much sugar!!
Making a birthday wish!!
Pinata time!!
Gathering the loot!!
Another BOX??
Look scooter!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here is 1 of the 32 Friendship ATCs that Have completed for the Itty Bitty Fiendhip book swap at RedLead Yahoo Group. Wow, doing 32 pages is a lot of work but I can't wait to get back the book with 32 great pieces of artwork in them!!

TrYpTiCh AtCs

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MaG & gEsSo AtC

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

PiSsEd OfF aBoUt BeInG pIsSeD oN


Whenever I get pissed ON the person then proceeds to ask "What's wrong?" WTF?? What do you mean "What's wrong?"? HELLO?? I was the one who's feelings were not considered in the first place, you pissed on ME! And now I am the one who is wrong for having a bad attitude because of it. Why do people do this? Especially men. It is perfectly OK for a man to be demanding, sarcastic, inconsiderate, rude, etc...but how dare I be upset by it? You don't, in any way, want to come across as inconsiderate or rude, even to people who have wronged you in the past, but it is OK to do it to me? Step back...hold the presses....Why is that OK? Did I miss that class? If you happen to be a man reading this, take it from me and please don't put your significant other LAST on your To-Do List.

Today's RANT is brought to you in part by Charmin Toilet Paper...Please don't squeeze the Charmin!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

yArD sAlE fInDs

My yard sale finds for this week include this aged tray for $8.00 and the vintage lace edged insert for only $1.00. Perfect for on top of the antique desk that I use as a make up table in our bath.
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This $3.00 hand painted canvas picture with aged frame was just the right colors for my bath.
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I loved this tin heart with keyhole and key for $1.00. I'm looking for just the right flowers to tuck inside.
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I have been looking for something large for over our sofa for a while, at $3.00 I thought this painting wokrd quite well.
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mIlKiNg StOoL

This great little milking stool for $5.00 was well worth the price, I have wanted one of these forever.
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JuSt LiKe MoThEr UsEd To WeAr

This vintage aprom was a steal at 50 cents.
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GoOd EnOuGh To EaT

This little rusted tin candle holder for .25 was just the right size for the cinnamon bun candle that I got from Joan for my birthday.
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My little herb garden has finally come to life on our freshly painted deck.
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YoU cAn WiN

but not if I win first! Head over to Word To Your Mother to enter. I promised Mindi a shout out just to get an extra chance to win, I am greedy like that!! No really I LOVE, LOVE her blog. The girl is too too whack!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

i WoN tHiS

Over at PEGGY'S MIXED UP ART! Peggy Ghatto celebrated her blogaversary and 200th post. I entered to win a prize and a few days later received an email telling me that I was a winner!! What a cute Picture HUH?? Head over to check out her other great works of art, you won't be disappointed.

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