Saturday, September 17, 2011

BeAd SoUp BlOg HoP

Today's the day to reveal what we with our bead soup. Here was what my partner Terri sent me:

And here is what I came up with...

The stamped clay focal was one that I had made a while ago but the colors matched with the beads perfectly. The circle of pearls and the pearls on the drop are from vintage earrings and a vintage necklace that I salvaged parts from.

I kept the earrings simple but they can go from elegant with a black dress or perfect with a sweater and jeans.

The bracelet worked out great and I plan on making more with the beads I still have left so I can layer them. I love wearing multiple bracelets!

I think the pearls, beads, lace and chain all came together awesome, even my husband loves this piece! It was definitely a challenge for me to design and execute this! Thank you Lori for this challenge and wonderful blog party! I hope to be able to play in the next one! You can visit Lori and all of the other blog party participants by visiting Pretty Things

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BuSy BuSy

I've been on a roll with making these wire wrapped ringsand here are a few of the earrings that I recently made also.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

CoLlAgE pAiNtInG

Here's a 6x6 collage painting that I finally got finished this week. It's feeling really good to get some of these projects finished.

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hAlLoWeEn ArT

I started making these skeletons in a jar along with something that represents their previous life, I'm calling them "Captured Souls". This one is The Gambler.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

WeIrD wEaThEr AnD sPiDeRs

I'm not sure that one has anything to do with the other but you never know! The weather over the past few weeks has been crazy! An earthquake (which I totally never felt), a hurricane and an upside down rainbow on a non-rainy day!

Yes, that is an upside down rainbow just above my house yesterday!

We were lucky with the hurricane damage only being minimal. The pine tree blew over in the back yard but it was going to fall some day anyway since, when they planted it, they never removed the root cage so that the tree could actually take root, duh! And two of my tomato plants blew over, no big deal...just hammer the stakes back in!

And here are the two HUGE spiders I found yesterday, the one inside didn't escape my shoe!

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