Monday, December 10, 2007

mErRy MiSsMaS - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

WiGgLiNg BlAcK EyEd PeAs

I absolutly HATE the Wiggles BUT when combined with The Black Eyed Peas it be comes somewhat sorta cool!! Go Check it out here

SuRfInG , BoOgErS aNd Ta-Ta-MiLk

Where have I been?? Mainly surfing the web, working on ART (yes really!!), being in LOTS of pain and looking at Maddie boogers!!! I was on the computer this morning when Maddie came over with something really small looking between her chubby little fingers. She puts it up to my face and says something like "ba-alls". I say "yeah, cool" and she leaves. She comes back a few minutes later with the same small thing and shows me again saying "boo-ers" I just look and say "yeah, ok" and she leaves. A minutes later I get up and she runs to me and screams "BOO-ER" I look again very closly and "Yeah, That's a BOOGER!!!" A BIG one at that. I will never get over how a two year old can have such LARGE Boo-ers!!! Well, now I must go make her some "ta-ta milk" LOL Chocolate milk has become her new favorite!!


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