Saturday, June 21, 2008

PiSsEd OfF aBoUt BeInG pIsSeD oN


Whenever I get pissed ON the person then proceeds to ask "What's wrong?" WTF?? What do you mean "What's wrong?"? HELLO?? I was the one who's feelings were not considered in the first place, you pissed on ME! And now I am the one who is wrong for having a bad attitude because of it. Why do people do this? Especially men. It is perfectly OK for a man to be demanding, sarcastic, inconsiderate, rude, etc...but how dare I be upset by it? You don't, in any way, want to come across as inconsiderate or rude, even to people who have wronged you in the past, but it is OK to do it to me? Step back...hold the presses....Why is that OK? Did I miss that class? If you happen to be a man reading this, take it from me and please don't put your significant other LAST on your To-Do List.

Today's RANT is brought to you in part by Charmin Toilet Paper...Please don't squeeze the Charmin!!


Sherry Goodloe said...

ooooooo weeeeeeeee, somebody ruffled YOUR feathers today. Yikes. Well, speak up for yourself and don't ever feel wrong about having your feelings . . . and your say!

Josh said...

Next time someone pisses on you, visit this site for a Shakespearean insult.

For example:

"Drop into the rotten mouth of death."

Taken from: Richard III

Kim said...

Get 'em , tiger!

mary schweitzer said...

The older I get the less tolerant of people I am. Especially people who give off negative energy. I haven't seen my mother-in-law in 3 years! Told my hubby, she's not my mother and she's not nice to me so no more!
Next time someone pisses on you, remember to never let them get in pissing range again.

Dawn said...

yeah loved this rant, you go girl!!!


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