Saturday, March 29, 2008

GiRl WiTh CaT


I did this by taking to exact copies of a drawing and cutting into 1" squares. I then went around each square with a gold ink. The first layer was glued down flat. The second layer was done by folding each square into a triangle, leaving the long side puffed up and then gluing down onto flat square in a rotating pattern.
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Christy said...

I love this. The effect is entrancing. It makes you look at the whole, but then your eyes travel square by square. -Christy

Kim said...

Very cool technique! I really like 3d effects, and will have to ry this one.

Sandie R said...

I love the visual appeal of this one Deana

Heather P said...

This is really striking! I love the effect you have achieved.

Cookie Sunshine said...

It's really interesting to look at this. First I saw the image because I was looking for the subject. Then I saw the colors. It wasn't until I began to pull my eyes back that I noticed the pattern and texture. There is so much more to this piece than I realized at first glance. That's what I like most about it. It seems like a very simple piece that quickly becomes very complex. It grew on me in stages.
I like it but I like it in a very different sort of way. I think it's a very successful composition.



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