Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TeN oN tUeSdAy

Ten things about this week:

1. I got rid of the junker car for $150.00, it was picked up today by Bob's Big Tow, LOL!
2. Two injections in my back at the rheumatologist, that sucked!
3. Twitter was acting whack, totally annoying!
4. Scored an antique ironing board at a yard sale for $8 - cha-ching!
5. Made an awesome stew in my new crock pot today - YUM!
6. Discovered a new ice cream spot in Lititz - Greco's!
7. Started a new collage painting and will hopefully finish it tomorrow.
8. Actually posted here on the blog, 4 posts in one night to be exact.
9. Getting my hair did for the first time in like forever this Friday!
10. And finally my baby girl will be 5 on Saturday!

How was your week?

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