Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TeN oN tUeSdAy

10 Movies You're Excited to See
Some of these may already be out I just haven't seen them yet.

1.BABY MAMA - Simply because the previews looked hilarious. The Amy Poeler/Tina Fey combo has got be good. Baby Mama
2. THEN SHE FOUND ME - Just because I like Bette Midler though most people don't.
3. PATHOLOGY - I happen to like freaky psychological movies. Pathology
4. STREET KINGS - Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, it has to be some good action.
5. FUNNY GAMES - Gotta have ANOTHER cabin-in-the-woods movie.
photography6. SHUTTER - Because the husband HATES scary movies...does that make me a BAD person?
7. THE EYE - See description abaove - heeheehee.
8. HANCOCK - Anything Will Smith is always a must see in my book!! Hancock
9. TROPIC THUNDER - Ben Stiller and Jack Black, enough said!!
10. THE WOMEN - Have to throw in a girlie movie just because.

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