Sunday, May 11, 2008

HaPpY mOtHeR's DaY fOr Me

I can gladly say "Thank you God for my daughters". Both of my daughters called me for Mother's day today. My daughter Jessica, 22, informed me that she was on the news this week. View video HERE. One of her drivers and her boyfriend (the store owner) were robbed on a delivery this past week. Fortunately her boyfriend was not injured but the other driver was severely beaten when they were robbed. Jessica had been robbed at gunpoint at another Domino's Pizza that she managed a couple of years ago. My daughter being safe is the best Mother's Day present that I could have gotten.

Trio of Teens Targeted Food Delivery People posted 5:34 pm Thu May 08, 2008 - Harrisburg reporter: Ali Lanyon posted by: Seth Chevalier

Harrisburg Police say it was a frightening situation.

They say a group of teens would place a fake order for pizza or chinese food. When the driver brought the order to the given address, he was robbed and beaten.

Now, police say the teens responsible are behind bars.

They arrested 18-year-old Jerome Blanchett, 18-year-old Jamal Fuller, and an unidentified 17-year-old.

All three are behind bars.

Police say the teens would often lure the drivers to Holly Street in the Allison Hill section of the City. Police Chief Charles Kellar says they had a stolen handgun and a pellet rifle. Sometimes their victims were severely beaten.

Kellar says sometimes the teens would act alone. Sometimes they would act as a group.

"These were the ones tht were hitting primarily, the ones that we were dealing with," said Kellar. "We've taken them off the street and that should clear this problem up."

Jessica Freese is relieved. She manages the Domino's Pizza on South 29th Street. One of her drivers was attacked on March 10th. Another driver, and the store owner, were also attacked this past Sunday.

The driver in the latest incident was beaten so severely, he's still hospitalized.

"It's really sad...he said he was so afraid he was going to die," Freese said. "He's just terrified and he's probably not going to be back."

Domino's driver Mike Frankowski says the incidents made him worry every time he got behind the wheel. "It's extremely unnerving," Frankowski said. "I think to myself, when is it going to happen to me?"

Freese says her drivers will probably sleep better tonight.

"It's really great they got these guys because I was really ready to give up," she said. "I think we all were."

My other daughter Brittany, 18, spent all day Saturday at Fort Indiantown Gap for a mock training day. Below is the story that was also on the news.

Sneak Peak At Marine boot Camp posted 5:10 pm Sat May 10, 2008 - Fort Indiantown Gap tags: marines • boot camp • fort indiantown gap

Despite low public opinion about the war in Iraq (webnews), local Marine recruitment is expected to exceed last year's numbers.

Saturday, at Fort Indiantown Gap, hundreds of young people got a first hand look at boot camp. Organizers say the program was two-fold: educate future Marines and their families about the corps, and make sure those who signed up can handle the physical and mental demands of boot camp.

"The ones that maybe aren't so sure if this is something they want to do, they get to see if they're going to be able to handle it," said Marine Cpl. Jesse Stence.

20-year-old Andrew Saylor will be heading to basic training in a few months. He enlisted to prepare for his future career goal of becoming a police officer.

"The Marines is definitely a challenge and it will push me to become a better person, self discipline, self reliance," said Saylor.

Public support for the war in Iraq is down. A nation-wide CNN survey shows 68% of those polled oppose the war. Yet, military recruiting is actually up.

"No matter what the situation is, there's men and women in this country that want to challenge themselves mentally and physically," said Cpl. Stence.

According to, the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps met or exceeded recruitment goals in 2007.

As for the Marine recruitment effort in East-central Pennsylvania, last year 1,000 people went to boot camp. This year, Marines are expecting even more.

"As long as we have a United States of America, there are going to be people willing to fill it's ranks," said Staff Sgt. Chad Townsend.

Saylor is willing and appreciated the sneak peak at the Marine Corps lifestyle. "It's rough. I'm definitely going to be running some more to get ready for Paris Island, but I think I can handle it," he said.
On the milder side of Mother's Day, my daughter Madison, 3 years old next month, picked me flowers.
I am so PROUD of ALL of my girls.

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Christy said...

Wow. Two daughter's in the news in one week. Whew. Love the puddle juming pic. So sweet. You did good mom!


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