Thursday, August 25, 2011

ThRiFtY tHuRsDaY

Here are a few more things I found this past week on the cheap!

All of these vintage wooden blocks were actually hidden in the bottom of a box of other items, including the wooden furniture pictured below, purchased all for $2.00.

These little vintage elves were .25 for all of them!

These vintage Christmas foil flowers and mini glass balls were .25 for the whole bag! They will be perfect for my mini tree this year!

This plastic cupi doll was .50. I think I made out like a bandit on all this!

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Anonymous said...

You certainly made out like a bandit for sure! What a trove of treasures!! The last time I was @ the flea market a guy tried to sell me a cupi doll with no arms for $8!! I was planning on removing the arms any way but come on!! I can only imagine how much fun you are going to have creating with these :)

Terri said...

Some really cool finds! Looking forward to seeing your future creations!


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