Friday, July 8, 2011

BeAd SwAp

A couple of weeks ago I received my bead swap in the mail from Sandy of Sandy's Coloring Box a beautiful mix of Fall colored beads wrapped in a really pretty piece of fabric! I wanted to sit and create something with these new beads but ended up sorting and organizing my jewelry making supplies. That's okay since there was a lot of organizing to do and I'm still not done but I've made progress. That's a good step for me as of late with all of the pain I've been having. I figured since I can't do much else besides sitting, I may as well be productive in some way while doing it.

I loved the fabric the beads were wrapped in so much that I actually used half of it to make fabric flowers! These were fun to make but next time I'm not using washable fabric glue. It took longer to get the glue off my fingers than it did to make the flowers!

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1 comment:

Pretty Things said...

I am SO in love with the fabric beads!


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