Friday, May 15, 2009

pLaYiNg CaTcH-uP

I have been so busy lately, many things going on at once. Our kitchen is being refinished. The cabinets are being sanded in order to re-stain and varnish. The walls will be painted and the counters tiled.

Here is the new window that was installed for me, I LOVE it!!
I found this china closet at a second hand store. I plan on repainting it. It has three shelves that go in the inside and I plan on adding small LED lights. As you can see, Maddie has already placed her things on the insIde!
I was out doing some shopping one day and Daddy had gotten an important phone call. So, Maddie amused herself with bathroom cups and packing peanuts. This was a really cool pic that Daddy caught!

These were taken the last week of April. We had a day that was over 80 degrees, so Maddie and Daddie hopped into the pool to cool off!

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Aimeslee said...

Your mammogram email is still making me pee my pants, and I had to put it on my blog, crediting you of course. Thanks! teehee


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