Monday, November 24, 2008

FaMiLy DaY aT pArRiS iSlAnD, sC

One final hug at the end of the day. Tomorrow is graduation and then we get to bring Brittany HOME!!
Even though they are not allowed to show public displays of affection while in uniform, Brittany just had to hold and hug her baby sister Madison!!

Jessica is so proud of her baby sister!!

My baby is so grown up!!

Me and my girls, I am so very proud of them both!!

Since they were not allowed to use cell phones in public while in uniform Brittany got to call her boyfriend Ernie from the back of the car!! He didn't really believe it was her at first since they hadn't spoken for 3 months.

We got to spend the day on base with Brittany from 10am until 3pm on Thursday, November 20th.There was a lot of crying going on today. Brittany had no idea that Jessica was going to be there for family day.

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